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          Based on 30 years of successful activity.

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          Grimm & Wulff Anlagen- und Systembau GmbH has taken over the plant construction from PALL Filtersystems GmbH Werk Hamburg in June 2006. We produce modern filtration- and water treatment systems by using membrane and reverse osmosis technology. Desalination systems are mainly applied for merchant shipping, in the marine and in the offshore sector. Leachate and process water treatment systems are applied for industry and in municipal domains / landfill.

          Our experience in plant construction, commissioning, training and worldwide service for these systems are based on 30 years of successful activity. The reference list is considerable and consists in more than 1500 produced systems running worldwide. The German marine for example operates desalination systems produced by us. Our teams of professional and highly qualified employees realize even complex plant systems with high military and environmental requirements.

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          • D-21218 Seevetal, An der Reitbahn 13


          Leachate Systems

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                  Mining Membrane Filtration Equipment

                  The Largest Membrane Filtration plant In Europe, with PALL DT Module.

                  1,4 mio m³/year

                  We are Grimm & Wulff

                  Together with our highly experienced engineers and technicians we offer end-to-end projects, from customer advice on construction through to taking the system into operation and training staff. After they have been delivered, our global service team supports our systems.
                  Once a plant has been completed and gone into operation, we are still there for our client. No matter whether it's to do with engineering questions, spare parts deliveries, maintenance inspections, repairs or upgrades of your unit, our After Sales Servie and Service Engineers Team creates the right basic conditions in which to carry out the necessary measures quickly and expertly. With our After Sales Service we provide, we give our customer the dependability in wich you can rely.

                  Martin Huber

                  Service Leader
                  Qualtiy and Safety take top priority at Grimm & Wulff. Furthermore, all our business partners are accreditated for quality management systems. We and our manufacturig partners are certified for the quality management system according EN ISO 9001:2008. Further, in accordance with the EEC machine directive 2006/42/EG, we certify that the landfill leachate treatment plant in it's conception, construction and form is in accordance with all the relevant essential health and safety requirements.

                  Frank Baaß

                  Quality Manager
                  As one of the technologie leaders in the field of landfill leachate treatment, or products - with the quality mark "Made in Germany" - are targeted at international markets and are reliably in use all around the world. But if you want ro remain a leader, you habe to keep moving formards. One of our declared goals is to build "zero waste discharge" treatment plant. To this end, we are investing a great deal of resource into the development of technologies for the future.

                  Thorsten Wulff

                  Managing Director


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                  An der Reitbahn 13
                  D-21218 Seevetal

                  Reference Examples

                  System                Customer                  

                  Capacity   (m³/day)

                  RO Seawater desalinationMunicipality/Greece50
                  Water purificationIndustry/Germany200
                   Leachate Treatment Units Municipality/Romania 90 - 150
                   Leachate Treatment Units Municipality/Slovenia 90 - 150
                   Leachate Treatment Units Municipality/Germany 90 - 150
                   Mining Water Copper Mine/Spain3500

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