Leachate Systems


At the beginning of January 2014 PALL finalised an agreement to transfer the Landfill Leachate
business to Grimm & Wulff, located in Hamburg, Germany. Grimm & Wulff is our existing
partner for the manufacture of landfill leachate systems that utilise Pall’s Disc TubeTM
Reverse Osmosis (DTRO) modules.
As part of this transaction, your future requirements for new systems, system spares
and service associated with Landfill Leachate Systems utilising the Pall DTRO
technology will now be handled by Grimm & Wulff.
Grimm & Wulff has a proven track record in the Landfill Leachate business and is an
excellent Pall business partner. They are well positioned to support your Landfill Leachate
systems, service and spares requirements.
We have provided your relevant information to Grimm & Wulff so it may continue
servicing your needs without interruption. You will be receiving a communication from
Grimm & Wulff regarding your ordering and support processes with corresponding
contact information.


Service Department: Mr Martin Huber:
Tel. +49(0)4105 59967-24
E-Mail: mhu@anlagen-systembau.de

Sales Office:  Mr Stefan Friedrichs:
Tel. +49(0)4105 59967-23
E-Mail: sfr@anlagen-systembau.de

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